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Trail of The Toymaster 8: Monkey Business



TITLE: Toymaster 8: Monkey Business Complete Video COST: $8 ~ 8 MINUTES





Description of Trail of The Toymaster 8: Monkey Business

The Toymaster isn't monkeying around anymore - or IS he?! The vile villain has upped the ante on his reign of terror, randomly sending out a slew of booby-trapped sock monkeys into the unwary populace! Fortunately, the hero community is on the job to thwart the tenacious trickster's latest malicious machinations. One such heroine, All-American Woman - garbed in her sleek, black-ops bikini - is all-too familiar with the calamitous criminal's modus operandi. Tracking down the whereabouts of one of the wayward plushes is easy enough - a little too easy for the Maiden of Might, who quickly falls prey to the crushing embrace of yet another of the pernicious prankster's perilous plush playthings! Produced, directed, and concept by Todd A. Kaylor. 


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