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TITLE: The Gallows Complete Video COST: $8 ~ 8 MINUTES




Description of The Gallows:

Don’t Lose Your Head! When a curvaceous courier (Hollywood) is tasked with delivering an heirloom to a mysterious client, little does she know of the baneful entity that shadows it — and her! Settling in for the night, her curiosity gets the best of her as she retrieves the precious pendant and, beguiled by its brilliance and luster, slips it on. Only then is she distinctly aware of the malicious, restless, spectral presence that haunts it — a relentless, remorseless, 18th Century persecutor known as 'The Marquis' notorious for his wanton torture and torments of the accused — and the innocent, alike. His soul was so darkly tainted that, even in death, it defied damnation, binding itself to the crimson bauble he once adorned, and the shackles that imprisoned him — the only remnants of his imminent immolation. Now, the wretched wraith uses these vessels to reach out into the mortal world to pass preternatural judgment and punish all those guilty of possessing the one thing he no longer has, yet covets — life!


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