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Monster Huntress 3: Spirit Box



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Description of Monster Huntress 3: Spirit Box

Hired by AEON to acquire a particularly troublesome totem from the possession of Dr. Smithsonian (played by "KK"), Monster Huntress (Hollywood) enters the premises, only to uncover a grisly site - the world-renowned archaeologist comatose, his lifeless hand yet clutching the aforementioned artifact. Undettered by the gruesome discovery, she pries the baneful idol from the doctor's clawed fingers, oblivious to the sinister supernatural forces prevailing it - a spiteful, spectral presence that makes itself known in diabolical fashion, animating the doomed doctor's corpse to assault the unwary heroine! Bewildered, yet determined, Monster Huntress fearlessly fends off the preturnaturally powerful assailant, but it will take all of her mythical might and unwavering willpower to overcome the menacing evil that threatens to crush the life from her! Produced and directed by Todd A. Kaylor.


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