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Monster Huntress 7: Tag Team



TITLE: Monster Huntress 7: Tag Team Complete Video COST: $9 ~ 9 MINUTES






Description of Monster Huntress 7: Tag Team

Continuing from Monster Huntress 4 & 6, and tying into Monster Huntress 3, our feral femme (Hollywood) is finding it infuriating to rid herself of the restless remains of a dearly-departed diabolist she's been tasked to escort to his deserved dirt nap. Fortunately, her weighty burden is lifted in the form of the arrival of a much-anticipated spirit box to house the necromancer's essence for safe-keeping. But, upon hastily opening the lid, she discovers the repository isn't quite vacated. In fact, a cursed totem has been purposely and sinisterly stowed within the heavily warded and sealed containment to further thwart our harrowed heroine! Brutalized by a devastating psychic assault to her senses, dazed and vulnerable, Monster Huntress quickly finds herself in a terrible bind - literally - as the disembodied diviner conjures up ensorcelled, obsidian trappings which snake about the warrior woman's taut form, restraining her! As the mystical bindings draw tight, threatening to crush the very breath from her, will the warrior-born's strength, stamina, and unwavering resolve be enough to long endure - let alone escape - the malicious ethereal menace's constricting confines? Produced and directed by Todd A. Kaylor.


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