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Monster Huntress 6: Head Case



TITLE: Monster Huntress 6: Head Case Complete Video COST: $7 ~ 7 MINUTES




Description of Monster Huntress 6: Head Case

In this direct sequel to Monster Huntress 4, our resident warrior woman (Hollywood) finds herself in a bit of a quandary when the exhumed remains of a diabolical (and recently departed) occultist she's charged in spiriting away to his final resting place isn't quite keen on cooperating. In fact, he's hell-bent not resting in peace! Which leaves Monster Huntress between a rock and a hard place, as the incorporeal evildoer, no longer inhibited by the spirit boxes evil properties, incites his wrath upon the stalwart siren: a vengeful fury that takes the form of constricting, obsidian tendrils conjured to hungrily seize the one thing that he desperately craves - her life! Produced and directed by Todd A. Kaylor


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