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Monster Huntress 5: Bodysnatcher




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Description of Girlfriendssss: Bodysnatcher:

A biological nightmare has fallen into the hands of a terroristic cabal, poised to loose it upon the unknowing populace and spark a worldwide pandemic! Dire situations call for dire measures, as AEON is tasked with locating and securing one of the world's most eminent epidemiologists capable of staving the impending spread of the deadly pathogen. Enter: Monster Huntress (Hollywood)! Tracking the scientist's present whereabouts, the battle-hardened beauty has little time to mince words, rousting the doctor from his respite. But, what she wrests 'neath the covers is something less-than-human! An amorphous, organic mass of notably unknown origin has blanketed the hapless practitioner, seeking to consume him! Fearlessly springing into action, our intrepid heroine desperately attempts to free the doctor from his lethal entrapment - to no avail! But, the warrior-born's valiant efforts only serve to draw her deeper into the enveloping folds of the bodysnatcher's monstrous, hungry maw - threatening to make a second, luscious meal of her! Produced and directed by Todd A. Kaylor



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