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hhhhLP-005 Bare Knuckle Beatdowns: Gia Love vs Feisty



TITLE: Bare Knuckle Beatdowns: Gia Love vs Feisty Full Video COST: $10 ~ 10 MINUTES




Description of LP-005:

Feisty and Gia are facing off on the mats and Feisty is living up to her name as she warns Gia that she has been training! The two ladies banter back and forth until Feisty goes on the attack and begins to pummel Gia! The two go at it with aggression, both wanting to defeat their opponent and claim victory. One of the ladies gets the upperhand and begins to destroy her opponent. Triangles, smothers, spanking, scissors, and brutal dirty tactics abound. And speaking of that, the loser winds up bound and humiliated at the hands of her merciless victor!!!


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