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hhhhHP-992 Masked Missiles



TITLE: Masked Missiles Complete Video COST: $13 ~ 13 MINUTES




Description of HP-992:

Bat Womyn (played by the gorgeous Hollywood) & Bat Gurl(played by the sultry Stacy Burke) are back on the job and approach the L.O.D’s lair. They burst in and proceed to dispense their patented can of whoop-ass on the bumbling bad guys. As usual the cowardly crooks flee the scene. The caped crime busters track the fleeing felons to another room but the bad guys are nowhere to be found. Bat Womyn and Bat Gurl confer about their next move, unaware of the electric grid beneath their feet. Oh no! The boss hits a switch sending hundreds of volts into the unsuspecting super heroines, knocking them to the floor twitching helplessly. The boss & henchman come out of hiding and bind the shocked super heroines hand and foot. After unsuccessfully struggling to break their bonds Bat Gurl remembers that her Bat Blade is in her boot. Bat Womyn retrieves the blade with her bound hands and manages to free herself and Bat Gurl.

Back on the attack, the sexy super heroines return and confront the villains. A fight breaks out and the bad guys are once again knocked across the room. The Maidens of Might stand over the beaten thugs with their arrogant, over confident “hands on hips” pose when the boss shines a light in their eyes, temporarily blinding them. The henchmen jump up and capture the heroines with a giant net and drag them away.

When the dust settles we find that Bat Womyn & Bat Gurl have been placed on a catapult to be launched to their doom. The boss wants to televise the event on the A.V.V.N. (Arch-Villain Video Network) and straps cell phone cameras to their boots to record the flight. The Curvaceous Crusaders struggle and squirm in their bondage but can’t break free. As time is about to run out the ever resourceful Bat Womyn manages to slide her legs over the edge of the catapult to the floor and deactivate the launch timer just in time. She frees Bat Gurl and they take off after the bad guys, beating them up and taking them into custody.


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