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hhhhHP-975 Hollywood in "Unseen"



TITLE: Hollywood in "Unseen" Complete Video COST: $11 ~ 11 MINUTES




Description of HP-975:

Hollywood has returned home and is exhausted. Something has been stalking her! Some evil unseen force has been following her every move. Hollywood falls fast asleep, only to awaken to a hard belly blow! It appears that the unseen force has successfully caught up to her! Another belly blow, followed by face punches! Hollywood is in trouble as this unseen force gives her a vicious beatdown! There is no escape as Hollywood is repeatedly KOed. Hollywood struggles as the unseen force strips her of her little skirt. Next she wrestles about as her top is torn from her, leaving her in a black sports bra and tiger print bikini bottoms. The debacle continues as Hollywood is tossed about the room. The unseen force chokes her out and leaves her completely defeated. What does this evil thing have in store for our poor girl next????

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