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hhhhHP-966 SuperGryl Beatdown



TITLE: SuperGryl Beatdown Part 1 COST: $6 ~ 6 MINUTES

TITLE: SuperGryl Beatdown Part 2 COST: $5 ~ 5 MINUTES

TITLE: SuperGryl Beatdown Full Video COST: $11 ~ 11 MINUTES




Description of HP-966:

SuperGryl has been lured to an abandoned warehouse for a "special event". She arrives but the warehouse is vacant. As SuperGryl eyes the empty room, she is violently attacked by an evil invisible force! A hard blow to the skull knocks the superheroine unconscious. When she awakens, she has been stripped of her skirt, and lies on the floor in her sexy black panties and long alluring stockinged legs! SuperGryl rises, and is a bit dazed. Suddenly, the evil force begins to pummel her with blows to her head and belly! SuperGryl is tossed about like a ragdoll and is thrown hard into the wall! She pleads for mercy, but the beating continues. Intermittently, SuperGryl is choked by the invisible foe! Her sexy legs are twisted and contorted painfully and she is systematically destroyed. By the time the beatdown is over, SuperGryl is left KOed and twitching on the floor, totally defeated. But is this only Round One???


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