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TITLE: The Machine Part 1 COST: $9 ~ 9 MINUTES

TITLE: The Machine Part 2 COST: $9 ~ 9 MINUTES

TITLE: The Machine Part 3 COST: $9 ~ 9 MINUTES

TITLE: The Machine Full Video COST: $27 ~ 27 MINUTES




Description of HP-965:

Detective Hollywood is all dressed up in a sexy short black skirt/outfit and she arrives early to the Police Ball. She is so excited that she received an invitation and she warms up by dancing about the room. Suddenly, the room goes dark! A mysterious voice informs our lovely crimefighter that she has fallen into a trap! The sinister voice tells her that she has snitched on him for the last time, and now PAYBACK will be dealt out! The lights come back on and standing before Detective Hollywood is an intimidating cyborg (played by badass Kristie Etzold), simply known as "The Machine". Created with one purpose in mind, the destruction of Detective Hollywood, The Machine is activated and the brutalization begins!!! Following instructions from the mysterious voice, The Machine systematically destroys poor Detective Hollywood. The Machine chokes her, pummels her with belly punches, slams her into the couch and wall, stretches her beyond her limits, crushes her with bearhugs, and ultimately leaves her destroyed on the mats! Does Detective Hollywood live to fight another day???


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