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hhhhHP-956 Humiliating Jennifer 3



TITLE: Humiliating Jennifer 3 Part 1 COST: $8 ~ 8 MINUTES

TITLE: Humiliating Jennifer 3 Part 2 COST: $8 ~ 8 MINUTES

TITLE: Humiliating Jennifer 3 Part 3 COST: $8 ~ 8 MINUTES

TITLE: Humiliating Jennifer 3 Full Video COST: $24 ~ 24 MINUTES




Description of HP-956:

Jennifer is standing on the mats in her little denim shorts and tight top talking on her cell phone. She is one tough, skilled wrestler and she knows it. In walks Hollywood and she overhears Jennifer bragging on social media that she is going to kick Hollywood's ass in their match. Hollywood, dressed in a tight black leather skirt, form fitting top, black fishnets and spiked heels is completely unimpressed and she grabs Jennifer's cell phone and begins taunting Jennifer on social media, reminding her of the humiliating beatdown that Jennifer received. The two ladies begin their match with a fingerlock test of strength. Once Hollywood gains the advantage, it is all downhill for poor Jennifer! Hollywood shows no mercy as she punishes Jennifer with neck scissors, triangles, rib crushing body scissors, and then, Hollywood gets down right NASTY!!! Hollywood takes her spiked heels and steps on toes and fingers! She does damage to Jennifer's knees, and chokes the poor girl silly! Jennifer struggles in vain as Hollywood once again humiliates her as she makes Jennifer lick her shoes! Thankfully, Jennifer succumbs to the treacherous beatdown and falls unconscious as Hollywood reveals her humiliating handiwork to those on Jennifer's social media.


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