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Description of HP-953:

Picking up right where Anything for the Money (HP-929) left off, we fade in for the last couple of  minutes of an extremely thorough destruction of Hollywood’s bound feet by her former employees, Darrius and Duncan. Lovers of Holly’s soles get an extended close-up as the guys pound, mangle and destroy those pretty feet to what they think is an acceptable level of damage.  They finish and leave her alone in the ring to await the winner of the brutal contest shown in Anything for the Money to come and collect his prize of getting to beat up a destroyed Hollywood for two more hours.  Holly somehow recovers consciousness, unties herself and attempts to flee the ring (very slowly, as she has endured over a solid day of non-stop destruction).  She does not get very far when she runs into the guys who are now with Jennifer Thomas and Ariel X.  This fearsome foursome tells Holly with unconcealed delight that the contest winner has been delayed, but since he wants to get Holly fresh from a severe beating, he is paying them to continue what they have been doing all day - destroying Hollywood.  He even sent a list of detailed instructions regarding how he wants her to be destroyed.

Tossing Holly back into the ring, they run her through a torturous gauntlet of being bent, stretched and folded in various ways while her legs, back, crotch and belly are severely pounded with clubs, fists and feet and relentlessly shocked with tasers. The contest winner loves to heap abuse on Holly’s chin, so two of them at a time torture it beyond reason (even chewing on it) while her abs take a significant pounding from the other two. Next they place Holly in a chair and give her knees, thighs and shins an extreme beating with clubs.  They knock her out of the chair and continue beating and shocking her lower extremities while she is held in a dual scissors choke-figure four.  Holly is then tied spread and standing against the ropes, and the four launch running attacks at her vulnerable face and body.  The last thing on this list is a profound and thorough stomach-pummeling.  Three of them stretch and pin her while the fourth brutally pounds Holly’s already-decimated (but perfectly sculpted) abdomen.  They each take an extended turn straddling and hammering her, and when it looks like Holly will be finally turned over to the contest-winner, he calls to say that he is delayed, but wants them to keep running through the list until he can get there.  As with many of the prior Anything for… installments, this episode fades out with Holly still taking massive punishment while facing the prospect of much more massive punishment to come.

If you thought the team could not be any more savage in their massacre of Holly than they have been in the past few episodes, prepare to be mistaken.  Holly’s suffering is extreme as they skillfully use the tasers to keep her awake for their merciless attacks, but they do not let up on her even when she passes out.  Unconscious or awake, Holly looks better than ever, but this one is not for the faint of heart as she is relentlessly and sadistically destroyed by a team that truly seems to relish mauling the helpless beauty.  This is a must-have video as it leads up to what will likely be the devastating (for Holly) finale in this series, as she is pushed to the end of her endurance and far beyond.


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