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hhhhHP-949 The Haunting 6



TITLE: The Haunting 6 COST: $13 ~ 13 MINUTES




Description of HP-949:

Hollywood returns home after a night out. She is looking killer in her tight leather skirt, fishnet stockings, and spiked heels! But upon her return she senses a strange presence which she cannot put her finger on? Hollywood settles in to relax and she dresses down into a comfy top. But her relaxation is soon to be disrupted! The ghostly presence ambushes poor Hollywood! She is torn from her peace as the unseen force begins a horrific beatdown. Hollywood gasps for air as she is choked mercilessly! Poor Hollywood is slammed against the wall, thrown about the room, and stretched out on an ottoman as the force works over her gorgeous body. The force pummels Hollywood's taunt abs, it slams her head into the wall after grabbing her long locks of hair and dragging her like a rag doll! Can Hollywood outlast this wickedly evil force? Get this hot video and check it out!!!


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