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hhhhHP-934 Amazon Power Drain



TITLE: Amazon Power Drain Part 1 COST: $10 ~ 9.5 MINUTES

TITLE: Amazon Power Drain Part 2 COST: $10 ~ 9.5 MINUTES

TITLE: Amazon Power Drain Complete COST: $20 19:04 MINUTES




Description of HP-934:

Part 1

Back on patrol, Wonder Womyn (played by the lovely Hollywood) and Wonder Gurl (played by the enticing Stacy Burke) enter the villain's lair and proceed to dispense their famous brand of super-heroine justice on the buffoonish bad guys. As usual, the cowardly crooks are no match for the buxom crime-busters and flee the scene. The super heroines split up to track them down. Wonder Gurl corners one of them and just when she is about to knock him into next week he surprises her with sleeping gas and sends her off to dreamland. Holy knockout! Wonder Gurl finds herself bound and gagged and left as bait for Wonder Womyn. Soon enough Wonder Womynarrives but before she has a chance to free Wonder Gurl one of the henchmen sneaks up behind her and takes her down with a blow to the back. The other henchman arrives and the bad guys discuss their next move as Wonder Gurl struggles and looks on.

Part 2

Wonder Womyn & Wonder Gurl are placed in two large hot boxes with only their heads sticking out the top. ?The heroines struggle to break free as the boxes heat up. Will our heroines be cooked to order? Not this time! The maidens of might kick their way free of the hot boxes and again take off in pursuit of the bad guys. They catch up to the henchmen and knock them silly. After one of the henchmen flees, the heroines assume the arrogant “hands on hips” pose and call on the other to give up. Instead he throws a smoke bomb at their feet, filling the entire room with smoke. When the smoke clears we find Wonder Womyn & Wonder Gurl strapped down to tables side by side, each with a Super-Heroine Super-Power Extractor (S.H.S.P.E.) placed over their waist. The thugs explain that this is their newest weapon and how it will drain the heroines of their super powers. The super heroines protest and struggle to break free as the henchmen exit to the S.H.S.P.E. control room. Holy power drain! Our heroines to be drained of their super-powers? Let's hope not!

Part 3

Wonder Womyn & Wonder Gurl confront the bad guys in another room and proceed to dispense a case of whoop-ass on the two thugs. One of them grabs a strange looking weapon, points it at the super heroines and warns them to let him go or else. Of course the over-confident heroines disregard his warning and move towards him. The thug fires and our heroines find themselves shrink-wrapped in plastic and completely immobilized. The bad guys leave for a minute to arrange for the heroines to be transported off. Wonder Womyn & Wonder Gurlstruggle to break free. Will they manage to escape this nefarious trap?




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