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hhhhHP-928 Dissected Detective



TITLE: Dissected Detective Part 1 COST: $11 ~ 10.5 MINUTES

TITLE: Dissected Detective Part 2 COST: $11 ~ 10.5 MINUTES

TITLE: Dissected Detective Complete COST: $21 20:25 MINUTES




Description of HP-928:

Detective Hollywood is knocked out and tied up in a chair wearing a black sports top, black bikini bottom, and black heels, with her hands tied behind her back. Jennifer enters and wakes her up with a slap to the face! Jen tries to get Hollywood to tell her who tipped her off but Hollywood won't talk... Another slap to the face leads to some belly punches, punches to the face and the beatdown is on! Jen unties Hollywood's hands and starts to give her a sound beating featuring stomach punches, stomach claws, hair pulling, sleeper holds, head slams in the ring turnbuckles, kicks and stomps, chokes on the ring ropes, the camel clutch with a sleeper hold, and much, much more... Does Detective Hollywood rat out her tipster?




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