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hhhhHP-924 Wonder Womyn Slave - Tickled Again



TITLE: Wonder Womyn Slave - Tickled Again Part 1 COST: $9 ~ 8.5 MINUTES

TITLE: Wonder Womyn Slave - Tickled Again Part 2 COST: $9 ~ 8.5 MINUTES

TITLE: Wonder Womyn Slave - Tickled Again Complete COST: $17 16:20 MINUTES




Description of DMP-049:

A captured and beaten Wonder Womyn (played by Hollywood) is tossed onto the bed with her hands tied behind her back. She is wearing her super sexy bikini and struggles to figure out where she is and how to get loose. Soon, a masked man enters and puts her out with a tainted cloth. He then binds her ankles together with rope. When WW awakens, she struggles against her bonds and tries to get the man to tell her where she is. The man taunts her with various implements and the remaining parts of her costume until he grabs her lasso which he uses to ger her to admit to him that she is a slave and deserves punishment. The man then uses various implements he has to tickle and torment poor, helpless WW. The implements he uses are an electric toothbrush, flogger, crop, and slapper to torture and taunt WW. The masked man then shows WW her new harem slave attire that she will wear for her new owner. Does she break her bonds and escape or fall victim to more torment?




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