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hhhhHP-921 Photoshoot Beatdown



TITLE: Photoshoot Beatdown Part 1 COST: $7 ~ 6.5 MINUTES

TITLE: Photoshoot Beatdown Part 2 COST: $7 ~ 6.5 MINUTES

TITLE: Photoshoot Beatdown Complete COST: $13 ~ 13 MINUTES




Description of HP-921:

Hollywood arrives wearing a black top and snake print skirt for her photo op for an upcoming boxing match. As she is waiting patiently in a chair, a masked man comes from behind and delivers a double axe handle to her head. The stunned Hollywood falls to the floor. The man pounces and starts beating Hollywood's stomach and face. Hollywood struggles to leave, but the man intensifies his efforts and delivers a backbreaker to Hollywood! The initial beating soon knocks out Hollywood and the man removes her skirt revealing a tiny lavendar and white bikini bottom. Poor Hollywood never really had a chance as she is subjected to stomach punches and stomps, back breaker, bear hug, sleeper holds, head slams, HOM, the torture rack, fireman's carry, and much, much more...




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