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hhhhHP-914 “Amazons Trapped in the Dungeon of Doom”




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TITLE: “Amazons Trapped in the Dungeon of Doom” Part 1 COST: 7 TOKENS ~ 7 MINUTES

TITLE: “Amazons Trapped in the Dungeon of Doom” Part 2 COST: $5 ~ 5 MINUTES

TITLE: “Amazons Trapped in the Dungeon of Doom” Part 3 COST: $7 ~ 7 MINUTES

TITLE: “Amazons Trapped in the Dungeon of Doom” Complete COST: $19 ~ 18 MINUTES




Description of HP-914:

Part 1

Dispatched by the J.L.A. to locate and secure the L.O.D.’s diabolical new weapon, the Nervo-Transferometer ( a device that can take control of people’s bodies when tuned in to their brain waves), Wonder Womyn (played by the gorgeous Hollywood) and Wonder Gurl (played by the sizzling Stacy Burke) return to the villain’s lair and encounter the L.O.D. boss (Scott). Before they can apprehend him, he turns the Nervo- Transferometer on the over-confident heroines, forcing them to walk across the room toward and electrified floor grid (and their doom). Will our virtuous vixens get the shock of their life? We’ll have to wait and see!

Part 2

Attempting to surprise the boss, our intrepid heroines run afoul of his dastardly net trap and are captured. They struggle mightily but can’t break free until Wonder Womyn retrieves her trusty wonder blade from her boot and cuts them free. The sexy super heroines soon catch up to the boss and dispense one of their patented beat-downs on the luckless lawbreaker. Before they can administer the coup de grace, the fiendish felon once again turns the tables on our caped crime-busters, incapacitating them with an instant fog trap. When the smoke clears the heroines find themselves imprisoned in a hot box while the Boss blathers on about how they will be cooked alive. Our buxom beauties to end up like steamed vegetables? I hope not!

Part 3

Having escaped the hot box, the Curvaceous Crusaders pursue the boss back to the dungeon. While attempting to locate the elusive thug our heroines fall victim to a hidden rope trap and are strung up against the wall. The boss arrives and taunts the bound duo and attempts to finish them off by placing poisonous snakes at their feet. Trapped, tied, and completely helpless, Wonder Womyn and Wonder Gurl struggle to break free. Will our brave heroines be done in by a pair of slithering serpents? Holy Ophidiophobia!




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