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hhhhHP-908 Wonder Womyn vs The Double Agent



TITLE: Wonder Womyn vs The Double Agent Part 1 COST: 9 TOKENS ~ 8.5 MINUTES

TITLE: Wonder Womyn vs The Double Agent Part 2 COST: 9 TOKENS ~ 8.5 MINUTES

TITLE: Wonder Womyn vs The Double Agent Complete COST: 18 TOKENS ~ 17 MINUTES




Description of HP-908:

Wonder Womyn has been dispatched to find a group of nefarious sex traffickers. She enters a strange looking room and begins to search for clues when she discovers a pretty blonde woman, dressed in black, attached to an X-frame in the corner of the room. Wonder Womyn quickly releases the woman who tells her that she is a secret agent and has been captured. She then tells Wonder Womyn that there is a folder on the table that may provide clues. As Wonder Womyn looks at the folder, she questions why the villains would leave such a clue behind, just as she asks the question, the double agent hits Wonder Womyn over the head with a club and the beat down is on!! The dazed Wonder Womyn becomes a punching bag as she suffers multiple belly punches, punches to the face, leg scissors, sleeper holds, and much more. But wait, there is more, once Wonder Womyn is out cold, the camera fades out, only to fade in on Wonder Womyn attached to the same X-frame. The double agent then comes in to take Wonder Womynís magic belt and continue the punishment! Does Wonder Womyn escape and save the day?




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