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TITLE: Anything for Science Part 1 COST: $11 ~11 MINUTES

TITLE: Anything for Science Part 2 COST: $11 ~11 MINUTES

TITLE: Anything for Science Part 3 COST: $11 ~11 MINUTES

TITLE: Anything for Science Complete COST: $34 ~33 MINUTES




Description of HP-905:

Hollywood has now endured sixteen straight hours of beatings for charity by all comers. She is receiving another massive body destruction from fellow GLOW veteran, Cheryl Rusa (with help from Duncan and Darrius), when this one starts. Jennifer Thomas arrives to the ring bringing Dr. Slade. (Slade and two assistants administered a classic beating to Hollywood in HP-760). Duncan and Darrius have called the doctor in because of his radical new treatment that can heal Holly’s body sufficiently for her to continue taking more epic punishment. As Cheryl and Jen work over Holly’s ribcage, Darrius explains to Slade that the LA Rams defensive line (which already worked Holly over immediately prior to HP-897) has challenged the offensive line to a contest to see who can destroy her the worst. For this, they are paying $50,000, so the guys are extremely motivated to make sure Holly can survive it. Slade believes his treatment can ensure that she will. After Cheryl finishes her session with some ab kicking and stomping, Slade has the others stretch Holly out and he does his own diagnostic beating of her face, body and feet to assess the massive damage. After satisfying himself with his own fists that Holly is completely shattered, he gives her an injection of his secret serum and has the others activate it using a couple of tasers. They tase all over Holly’s body and leave her spasming in the ring for the serum to do its work. A little while later, Holly has recovered enough to pull herself to her feet. The men are on her immediately - testing her jaw, ribs and abs with punches to discover that she has in fact made an amazing recovery. However, they are not yet convinced that she can absorb two more hours of punishment from ten professional football players, so they decide to perform their own five-on-one test beating. They start with several slams of Holly’s head to the turnbuckle, and then get to work on her chin. She is then immediately put into tree of woe, and they work over her vulnerable abs. Holly’s abs are further punished in a cruelly-stretched back breaker position, and then her crotch is attacked while she endures a double bow and arrow. Desperate to find a way for all of them to attack her at once, they carry Holly to the edge of the ring and two of the men work on her face from outside the ring while the others pound her body and legs inside. The ladies come outside to rip at Holly’s face and then pull her taught while each guy takes a turn straddling and pummeling her abs. They then spin her around and we get sole-on view as they do an unbelievable amount of destructive work to her feet. The five finish off with a couple of trips around the world - where Holly is stretched out and slowly rotated as her body is attacked from all angles. Satisfied that this has been an adequate test beating, the ladies once again activate the serum with the tasers and leave Holly to see if she will once again make a recovery. Another strong edition in the “Anything for….” Series, this one has many of the old favorite themes – Hollywood exhausted, injured, outnumbered and viciously destroyed, but introduces some electroshock torture and some great close-up camera work of her abs and feet taking a pounding. Poor Hoilywood is left dangling in the ropes contemplating the upcoming grand finale of her day of beatings when the Rams come to visit her.




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