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Description of HP-840:

Part 1

Having tracked the L.O.D. goons to their new hideout, Wonder Womyn, played by the gorgeous Hollywood, and Wonder Gurl, played by the sultry Stacy Burke, sneak in on the inept-imbeciles and proceed to dispense their now famous patented super-heroine beat-downs. After quickly dispatching the hapless henchmen, the sexy super heroines confront the boss and demand he give himself up. The boss has other plans and soon has the virtuous vixens under his control, entrancing them with a pendant. Are Wonder Womyn and Wonder Gurl doomed to remain pawns for some dime-store wannabe mind controller? Stay tuned and find out!

Part 2

With their minds now under the bossí control, Wonder Womyn and Wonder Gurl are brought to the dungeon and secured to the wall. The henchmen return to practice more mind-control on the enthralled duo before leaving to summon the boss. After they leave Wonder Womyn snaps out of her trance and assists Wonder Gurl in breaking out of her spell as well. When the boss and the henchmen return the Curvaceous Crusaders once again administer their preferred style of justice, knocking the bumbling buffoons across the room. The cowardly crooks flee the scene, with the buxom crime-busters in hot pursuit. They catch up to the clowns and once again knock them silly. This time though the sniveling sneaks manage to turn the tables on our haughty heroines, taking them down with Insta-chlor. What sinister fate do these thugs have in store for our slumbering super-babes? Only one way to find out!

Part 3

Having been immobilized by the Insta-Chlor, the caped crusaders are tied to a bench and mind- draining cones are attached to their heads. The boss then taunts the trapped duo, informing them that the cones will send electronic impulses directly into their brains, effectively emptying their minds and leaving them ready to be re-programmed. When the boss and henchmen leave to check on the control panel, our intrepid heroines devise a plan to turn the tables on their captors and escape their perilous predicament. Will our courageous captives succeed in escaping this fiendish trap? Or will they succumb to the bossí mind-emptying device? See for yourself!




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