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TITLE: Wonder Womyn vs The Ghost Part 1 COST: 8 TOKENS 7:44 MINUTES

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TITLE: Wonder Womyn vs The Ghost Part 2 COST: 9 TOKENS 8:07 MINUTES

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TITLE: Wonder Womyn vs The Ghost Complete COST: 16 TOKENS 15:47 MINUTES

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Description of HP-901:

This video starts out with our gorgeous heroine ( in her two-piece Wonder Womyn outfit) entering a room where she has been asked to confirm the presence of a ghost. She is very skeptical that ghosts exist and says so several time as she walks around the room. She even says,"Its not even cold." But just as she attempts to leave, the lights go out. In the darkness you hear the sound of fists hitting bare skin. Wonder Womyn is in trouble as you hear her moan after each punch. After a moment of silence, the lights come back on and Wonder Womyn is lying unconscious on her back across a foot stool, minus her belt! She knows there is something there as she feels around the room searching for it. But the lights go out again, more punching and moaning, and when the lights return, our courageous girl is out again on her back. This time after waking up, she feels for the ghost, and touches an unseen object. She attempts to trade punches with it. It's a losing battle as she takes much more then she gives. The ghost even pulls her around by the hair. After taking what appears to be an upper cut, Wonder Womyn is again KO'd on her back on a coffee table. At this point, it appears Wonder Womyn is in great danger. Can she manage to KO her unseen attacker? Or even get away from it alive? The odds are against her!!! (But no one looks hotter taking punches then Hollywood




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