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TITLE: Anything for Love Part 1 COST: 9 TOKENS ~ 9 MINUTES

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Description of HP-897:

Hollywood is now several hours into a series of beatdowns engineered by Darrius and Duncan in Anything for Charity (HP-848). At the beginning of this video, Jennifer Thomas enters the ring room and we get to see her amused reactions to what sounds like a massive beating of Hollywood going on off-camera. She enters the ring to find Duncan and Darrius waving goodbye to the starting defensive line of the LA Rams, who just spent the last hour further decimating Hollywood’s already destroyed body. Though she still has hours more of appointments, Duncan goes off to drum up even more business (after a quick and brutal goodbye to poor Hollywood). Although Hollywood is supposed to be resting to gain strength for the violence she still has to endure, Jen talks Darrius into letting her take some shots on helpless Holly while he describes her last several hours of torture to Jen. Pretty soon, Jen’s light beating escalates to a serious clubbing of Hollywood’s stretched and vulnerable abs. She is saved temporarily when Jen receives a phone call that she needs to take. While Jen is out of the ring, her boyfriend, Gary, comes to see if Hollywood is really sacrificing her body for charity. Darrius also lets him take a few shots, but Gary is touching Hollywood’s abs and ribs in a much softer way when he is caught by Jen. Although she is initially enraged, Jen decides that, since she loves Gary, she will allow him to experience his fantasy of gently caressing Holly’s body. The one catch is that while Gary fondles, Jen and Darrius will be totally destroying another part of Hollywood. Any notion of a rest period for Hollywood is eliminated as they drag her to the side of the ring and bring her back to consciousness with smelling salts. Gary caresses her face from outside the ring (although he also throws an occasional punch) while the other two brutalize her crotch from inside. They switch positions and Gary massages her stomach while the others pound and claw Hollywood’s beautiful face. They rotate her and her feet are tied and beaten by Jen and Darrius and then tied and massaged by Gary while the other two work on her abs. By the time Gary starts giving Hollywood a back rub (while the others literally kick her butt), he decides that he enjoys treating Hollywood with violence much more than gentleness and he joins his girlfriend in one more brutal beating of Hollywood’s body and face - which arouses them both so much that they quickly leave together. Not too long later, Duncan returns having been successful in finding even more customers willing to pay to assault and batter Hollywood for charity. Thinking that she has been enjoying a nice rest, Duncan puts her in the corner and warms up her face and belly with his fists while Darrius readies the next group for their session with Hollywood. Nobody looks as good taking an incredibly brutal beating as Hollywood, and thanks to Duncan’s salesmanship - she will have lots more brutal beatings to take. We invite you to look forward to future installments of the “Anything for….” series.






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