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hhhhHP-885 Hollywood vs Astrid




TITLE: Hollywood vs Astrid Part 1 COST: 11 TOKENS ~ 10.25 MINUTES

TITLE: Hollywood vs Astrid Part 2 COST: 11 TOKENS ~ 10.25 MINUTES

TITLE: Hollywood vs. Astrid Complete COST: 21 TOKENS 20:22 MINUTES




Description of HP-885:

From DT Productions and HP....Hollywood is stretching in her corner wearing her blue bikini and red tennis shoes. She talks about wrestling the "new girl" and how she is getting ready to show her some of Hollywood's moves. Meanwhile, Astrid is the opposite corner, wearing a white bikini, white knee stockings, and white shoes, and is stretching. A bit of playful smack talk ensues before the action starts with a test of strength. Hollywood's ring experience comes in to play here as she delivers some kicks to Astrid's sides and pushes her to the mat. Hollywood trash talks her foe as she press's her advantage and puts her foe in a body scissor/sleeper hold combo as Astrid struggles to free herself. Hollywood soon transitions to an arm bar and body scissors and threatens to break Astrid's arm as Astrid continues her struggle to gain control of the match. Hollywood releases the hold but puts Astrid out with an HOM while sitting on her chest. Things never get any better for the "newbie" as Hollywood subjects her to the full catalog of pro wrestling moves, as Astrid is forced to struggle against the Boston crab, camel clutch, sleeper hold, full nelson, figure four leg lock, rocking horse, and many more. Furthermore, she is pummelled in the ring corner by the veteran grappler and experiences first hand why Hollywood is the best "bad girl" in the business! Does Astrid come back and fight or is she simply just a mouse to be toyed with by a cat?




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