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hhhhHP-846 Wonder Womyn in The Neighbor "Hood"




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TITLE: WW in The Neighbor "Hood" Part 1 COST: 11 TOKENS ~ 10 MINUTES

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TITLE: WW in The Neighbor "Hood" Part 2 COST: 11 TOKENS ~ 10 MINUTES

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TITLE: WW in The Neighbor "Hood" Part 3 COST: 11 TOKENS ~ 10 MINUTES

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TITLE: WW in The Neighbor "Hood" Complete COST: 32 TOKENS 31:14 MINUTES

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Description of HP-846:

Carissa, an undercover cop dressed in a sexy black and white dress,  and Hollywood, WW in an everyday disguise dressed in a blue tank top and short jean skirt, have been neighbors for years and finally are getting together for a drink.  The talk soon turns to Carissa's disdain for WW and how she thinks WW takes work away from the police department.  Hollywood defends WW and the argument soon turns into a violent catfight!  This is Hollywood at her absolute badass best!  She literally wipes to floor with the seemingly inept Carissa using stomach punches, full nelsons, leg scissors, choke holds, and much more to subdue her struggling foe.  Hollywood leaves Carissa knocked out on a table as she leaves the room.   As Carissa awakens, WW enters the room and confronts her.  The superhero says she has heard the nasty things that have been said about her and another catfight starts!  The two women both struggle to gain the upper hand and soon it is Carissa on the  winning side with sleeper hold!  Things don't get much better for WW as she is subjected to the same punishing holds and moves that Carissa received earlier and is left in a heap on the floor.  Carissa then uses the magic lasso to get WW to reveal how to make her helpless.  The defeated hero reveals that if she loses her belt, lasso, boots, and bracelets she is defenseless.  In a final humiliation, Carissa has her reveal her identity as Hollywood!  WW is left unconscious on the floor.  In the final scene, Hollywood reenters the empty room in her black leather dress to regain her belt, lasso, bracelets, and boots, however, as she strips to her USA bikini and begins to spin, Carissa enters and delivers another beatdown!  Does WW recover and emerge victorious or is she defeated yet again?  Get this HOT video and find out!!




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