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TITLE: Warlord's Revenge Part 1 COST: 6 TOKENS ~ 6 MINUTES

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TITLE: Warlord's Revenge Complete COST: 12 TOKENS 11:28 MINUTES

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Description of HP-841:

Wonder Womyn, in disguise in a blue lace top, black bikini bottom, and thigh high black fishnets, enters the dungeon of the mysterious warlord.  As she is looking for clues, she is attacked from behind by a vile henchman and knocked unconscious by a double axe handle to the head.  Things don't get much better as she is awoken with another double axe handle to her stomach!  The poor heroine is subjected to another severe beatdown at the hands of the evil villain.  She endures upper cuts, punches and kicks to her stomach, as her head is slammed into the wall, and knocked unconscious repeatedly.  In addition to the punches and kicks, our poor defenseless superhero is given over the knee backbreakers, sleeper holds, chokes, the dragon sleeper hold, bear hugs, the Fireman's carry, and much, much more.  This is a total beatdown that leaves poor Wonder Womyn in an unconscious heap on the floor.




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