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hhhhHP-833 Wonder Womyn in Hot Foot Drop




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TITLE: WW in Hot Foot Drop Part 1 COST: 6 TOKENS ~ 6 MINUTES

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TITLE: WW in Hot Foot Drop Part 2 COST: 6 TOKENS ~ 6 MINUTES

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TITLE: WW in Hot Foot Drop Complete COST: 12 TOKENS 11:43 MINUTES

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Description of HP-833:

Wonder Womyn enters the room disguised as Detective Hollywood wearing her sexy black leather dress and black heels.  She begins searching the room for clues to the whereabouts of the Foot Fiend.  As she moves around the room searching, she occasionally picks up her feet like something is making them hot, but continues searching.  Eventually the floor gets TOO hot and WW begins to dance and high step in her heels because the floor it too hot for her feet.  She tries to leave but the door is locked!  She then realizes that the Foot Fiend has trapped her in his diabolical lair!!  WW seeks refuge on the couch and removes her shoes and blows on her feet.  WW gets so hot that she removes her dress to reveal her sexy USA bikini.  The struggling SuperHeroine continues to try and escape by using various objects in the room to stand on to protect her feet and returns to the couch to blow on her feet when they get too hot.  Does she get away or does the Foot Fiend have his way with her feet in the end??  Get this HOT video today!!




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