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TITLE: The Hypnotist Part 1 COST: 6 TOKENS ~ 6:15 MINUTES

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TITLE: The Hypnotist Part 2 COST: 6 TOKENS ~ 6:15 MINUTES

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TITLE: The Hypnotist Complete COST: 12 TOKENS 12:26 MINUTES

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Description of HP-831:

Hollywood is lying on the couch in a doctor's office wearing a black string bikini bottom, black GLOW tank top, and black heels.  She is commenting about how nervous she is about her upcoming match and can't seem to calm down and sit still.  Dr. Smith enters and Hollywood begins to tell him all about her nerves.  Dr. Smith offers to hypnotize Hollywood to help her relax.  Hollywood agrees and Dr. Smith dangles a necklace in front of Hollywood and tells her that the "trigger" for her hypnosis will be the clicking of a pen.  Dr. Smith hypnotizes Hollywood and once she is under, he tells her that every time she hears the clicking of the pen she must beat herself up!  She is to treat herself as her "own worst enemy!"  He then clicks the pen and Hollywood wakes up and begins beating herself up.  She uses belly punches, punches to her own face, and slams her head into various objects in the room.  Hollywood beats herself so badly that she knocks herself unconscious!  Dr. Smith clicks the pen to wake her up and tells her everything is fine.  He then clicks the pen again and Hollywood starts beating herself up again!  How long can this go on?  How many times will Hollywood knock herself out?  Will Hollywood make it to her match?  Get this awesome video to find out!!




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