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hhhhHP-830 Destruction of Hollywood




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TITLE: Destruction of Hollywood Part 1 COST: 10 TOKENS ~ 10 MINUTES

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TITLE: Destruction of Hollywood Complete COST: 20 TOKENS 20:18 MINUTES

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Description of HP-830:

Hollywood is looking extremely sexy in her USA thong bikini, but she has a very cocky attitude as she tells the camera that she is going to "kick someone's ass!"  A masked man enters and challenges her.  Before Hollywood even knows what hit her, the villain puts her in a headlock and delivers multiple punches to the face that incapacitate her and she falls to the floor.  Things never get any better for our poor struggling Hollywood as she is subjected to multiple torturous holds such as the camel clutch, Boston Crab, over the knee back breaker, the torture rack, and more.  Furthermore, she endures belly punching, kicks to the stomach, gut stomps, and more stomach abuse.  She is knocked out several times and eventually has her wrists tied behind her back and her ankles tied.  Just when she thinks the torture will end, the vile man continues to abuse her stomach with more punches, stomps, and kicks while she is bound.  Hollywood really takes a beating in this one folks!  If you are a fan of Hollywood taking a good ole fashion one sided beat down, then this is the video for you!!




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