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hhhhHP-829 The Adventures of CamoBabe




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TITLE: The Adventures of CamoBabe Part 1 COST: 7 TOKENS ~6 1/2 MINUTES

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TITLE: The Adventures of CamoBabe Part 2 COST: 7 TOKENS ~6 1/2 MINUTES

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TITLE: The Adventures of CamoBabe Complete COST: 13 TOKENS 12:59 MINUTES

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Description of HP-829:

Hollywood, playing CamoBabe, enters the room looking SMOKING HOT in a camouflage bikini and talking on the phone.  She is telling the person on the phone that she will find the missing files.  She is also carrying her gun and begins looking around the room.  She tucks her gun in her bikini bottom and continues to look around.  Suddenly, she is tapped on the shoulder and knocked out with a vicious upper cut.  The unseen villain looks over CamoBabe and takes her gun.  CamoBabe wakes up and notices her gun is missing and then sees the villain.  The villain pulls out her gun and as she protests, he shoots her.  CamoBabe again falls unconscious.  She wakes up and tries to hide so that she can regroup and try to get away.  She then tries to find the villain to retrieve her gun. Once she finds him, he shoots her again.  The villain also takes advantage of the unconscious CamoBabe and rubs her gun over her body and stomach.  CamoBabe is shot over and over again by the villain.  This video is one for the gun play fans! Does she get away and find the files? Or is she captured for good?




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