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TITLE: Boxing with Onyx Part 1 COST: 6 TOKENS ~ 6 MINUTES

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TITLE: Boxing with Onyx Part 2 COST: 6 TOKENS ~ 6 MINUTES

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TITLE: Boxing with Onyx Complete COST: 12 TOKENS 11:50 MINUTES

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Description of HP-827:

The referee announces that today we have a boxing match between Onyx, looking hot in a black one piece and skirt, and Hollywood, looking sexy in a black and yellow one piece.  The ref says to keep it clean, but Onyx says she never agreed to keep it clean.  The two ladies go at it and Onyx immediately starts to cheat with low blows.  The ref doesn't seem to be paying too much attention as Hollywood protests.  Hollywood does manage to knock out Onyx's gold tooth, but Onyx knocks Hollywood down  After the knockdown, the ref "forgets" to count as Onyx continues to beat on the downed Hollywood.  The ref continues to mess up the counts and Onyx reveals that he is actually working for her!  This battle is an intense 3 round boxing match with Hollywood trying to prevail against all odds.  Does she do it? Or does the treacherous, cheating Onyx win the day?




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