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TITLE: Hollywood Taken - L&C Part 1 COST: 8 TOKENS ~8 1/4 MINUTES

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TITLE: Hollywood Taken - L&C Part 2 COST: 8 TOKENS ~8 1/4 MINUTES

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TITLE: Hollywood Taken - L&C Complete COST: 16 TOKENS 16:24 MINUTES

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Description of HP-818:

The story begins with Hollywood tied up in her hot black bikini after having been kidnapped by a masked man.  She is awoken by being tickled and told that she is going to help the villain bail his brothers out of jail by wearing a USA bikini and doing a foot fetish video for a wealthy investor.  Hollywood refuses to help the villain, so her knocks her out with a sleeper hold and unties her.  Hollywood's torment is just beginning...  She is awoken again, but this time with belly punches to her tight stomach.  The villain then proceeds to perform lift and carry moves to get Hollywood to comply with his demands!  Hollywood is put over the villain's shoulder, put into multiple fireman's carries, torture rack backbreakers, she gets a piggy back ride, she is inverted by the villain and threatened with a pile driver!  Does Hollywood give in and comply or does she stay strong???  If you are a lift and carry fan, this video is for you!!!  




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