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Description of HP-814:

With the release of HP-814, we welcome the stunning Carissa Montgomery to Hollywould Productions!  Wonder Womyn (played by the gorgeous Hollywood) enters the office dressed in her full costume and looking sexy as hell.  She is talking to the commissioner about a burglar alarm that has gone off.  Since it appears to be a false alarm, Wonder Womyn prepares to leave until she is met by a scared office worker (played by Carissa) who is dressed in a sexy black mini dress and high heels.  The office worker tells Wonder Womyn that she was hiding and is afraid that there is still someone there and ask Wonder Womyn to check the security logs.  As Wonder Womyn begins to check, the office worker injects her with a poison strong enough to kill 12 African elephants!  Wonder Womyn is down but not out.  The office worker pushes her advantage and gives Wonder Womyn a hard beat down.  Wonder Womyn suffers punches to the stomach, knockouts from upper cuts, leg scissors, choke holds, multiple knockouts, and she is stretched out almost to the breaking point!  Wonder Womyn really takes a HARD beating in this one.  Does she survive? Or is she captured to be sent to her enemies as planned?




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