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Description of HP-811:

Part 7 picks up right where the Trap VII (Part 6) left off - fading in on a close up of Hollywood’s destroyed and stretched-out stomach still being stomped, clubbed and pummeled into oblivion by Jennifer, Francesca and Darrius. They are soon joined by Duncan, who is eager to dish out some more abuse to his boss.  The first 2:30 alone has more stomach destruction than almost any other video you will ever see, and there is still more than 28 minutes left!  The four stop their belly assault long enough to quickly come up with a simple strategy – deliver anepic four-on-one beating of Hollywood before they finally allow her to get some medical attention.  They drag Hollywood to the edge of the ring so that they can all beat on her at once.  The ladies pound her body inside the ring, while the guys land haymaker after haymaker to her battered chin from outside the ring.  Then they all switch places.  It is a massively brutal sequence, and Hollywood has no recovery time before they pull her to her feet and shove her into the corner where they begin working on her head and face in earnest.  Hollywood is held tightly in place while her cranium is rocked by elbows, head butts and club strikes, and you will simply not believe some of the shots she takes to her jaw.  When they finally let her fall, they quickly lift her up and hang her upside down from the top ropes in a different corner and brutalize her abs in a tree of woe.  Not content with the soft tissue damage they are causing to her abs and organs, the maniacal foursome has Darrius drape her over his knee in a side breaker and the other three use clubs, bats and fists to shatter what remains of Hollywood’s left ribcage and savage her kidneys. Darrius and Duncan switch places and then he helps the ladies provide the same treatment to Hollywood’s right side.  

Hollywood enjoys her a short respite when Duncan agrees to trade places with the masked Gary, Jennifer’s boyfriend, who comes out from behind the camera to join in when the other three resume their attack – now focused on Hollywood’s rear end.  Once again two hold her in place while the other two demolish that perfect ass, and then they switch places.  As soon as they are done with the derriere, Hollywood is placed in a vertebrae-popping over-the-knee backbreaker so that her stretched abs can receive some more impressive destructive attention. They give her a 20 second rest and then the two men begin pounding her feet while the ladies hold her in place and do some recreational stomach punching.  Her torturers once again switch positions, and the ladies show that they can tenderize Hollywood’s soles with their fists and knees as well as the men did with a baton and bat.  The group then focuses its attack on Holly’s crotch, and she receives several low blows that you will actually feel at home.

Duncan and Gary again switch places, and Hollywood is twice put through an annihilating “around the world” sequence where two hold her and the other two pound her midsection while she is slowly rotated so that she can be hit from every angle.  After celebrating their total victory, the team ties Hollywood to the ropes and they each take some parting shots while thanking her for being such a good victim. The end has Duncan finally making the long awaited phone call to 911.

This installment provides an epic finale to a memorable 7-part chapter of the Trap series. Each builds on the last, but just when you think that her tormentors can do no more to Hollywood, they find a way to significantly up their game. In this one, it is simultaneous attacks and constant use of weapons to further devastate the body of the broken beauty.   An instant classic for belly-punching fans, Hollywood’s midsection is assaulted nearly non-stop with the most brutal attacks imaginable.  There are many instances where she has multiple fists and/or clubs hitting her at the same time.  Through it all, Hollywood is as stunning a victim as ever, and her face, abs, ass and every other part of her body (even the soles of her feet) look every bit like works of art, even as they are dismantled by the four. Nobody has ever looked this good while being beaten this bad.  If any of mixed beatdowns, ragdoll, belly punching, foot abuse or extreme punishment are your interests, you need to own this video.




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