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hhhhHP-805 "Supergyrl" The First Time She Gets ROCKED!




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TITLE: Supergyrl First Time ROCKED! Part 1 COST: 8 TOKENS ~7 1/2 MINUTES

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TITLE: Supergyrl First Time ROCKED! Part 2 COST: 8 TOKENS ~7 1/2 MINUTES

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TITLE: Supergyrl First Time ROCKED! Complete COST: 15 TOKENS 15:11 MINUTES

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Description of HP-805:

The camera opens on a vile henchman holding a briefcase.  He inspects it's contents revealing that it contains kryptonite that it is "just for SuperGyrl."  SuperGyrl arrives and a brief argument occurs over the briefcase that is ended by the villain being super punched in the gut and knocked to the floor.  The brave heroine takes the case and makes the mistake of opening it!  As the kryptonite begins to sap her strength, the evil man attacks! He beats down Supergyrl with multiple belly punches and stomps, surfboards, chokes holds, leg scissors, double axes handles, uses a Boston Crab, and much, much more.  The struggling Supergyrl tries to fight back, but in her weakened state she cannot muster much of a defense, she is knocked out several times only to be revived for more beatings.  The poor, weakened superhero has her boots removed to reveal her nylon encased feet, she is bound with rope, and knocked out again with a tainted rag.  Does she recover and save the day, or does the evil henchman capture her and take her away?  Get this AWESOME video and find out!




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