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TITLE: Amazons on Display Part 1 COST: $11 ~10 MINUTES

TITLE: Amazons on Display Part 2 COST: $11 ~10 MINUTES

TITLE: Amazons on Display Part 3 COST: $11 ~10 MINUTES

TITLE: Amazons on Display Complete COST: $31 ~30 MINUTES




Description of HP-800:

Amazons on Display

Scene 1


Having received an invitation to attend a local law enforcement convention, Wunder Womyn, played by the gorgeous Hollywood and sporting her traditional costume with cape, gloves and sexy high-heeled boots, and Wunder Gurl, played by the sizzling Francesca Le decked out in her eye-catching costume with cape, gloves and boots, enter not the convention hall but what appears to be a strangely familiar villains’ lair. Their suspicions are immediately confirmed when the notorious arch-villain Elwood and his bumbling henchman arrive and attempt to do the super heroines in. The sultry sirens have other ideas and soon Elwood and his flunkie are on the floor. Elwood however turns the tables on our unsuspecting heroines and manages to take them down via a concealed dart-gun. What does the criminal mastermind have in store for our glamorous duo? Only one way to find out!


Scene 2


Immobilized by Elwood’s dart gun, The Curvaceous Crusaders are carried to another room and tied down to tables in preparation for the next phase of Elwood’s evil scheme. He then informs the trapped duo that they are to be preserved as human statues for the trophy room at the new arch-villain corporate headquarters and proceeds to coat their succulent bodies with a special compound. Will our heroines be posed and preserved for posterity as prized works of art in some remote rumpus room? Or will they escape this twisted trap and live to fight another day? Get this hot video and find out!


Scene 3


Now in hot pursuit of Elwood, the heroines encounter the henchman in another room but Elwood is nowhere to be found. Wunder Womyn leaves to find Ewood while Wunder Gurlmakes short work of the hapless henchman. However before she can finish the job Elwood re-appears and momentarily renders her helpless with sneezing powder. Having secured the buxom crime fighter to the wall, Elwood and his henchman barley have time to catch their breath when Wunder Womyn returns and proceeds to dispense a case of whoop-ass on the two. She soon however falls victim to Elwood’s sneezing powder and is quickly shackled to the wall as well. What nefarious fate now awaits our caped captives? Tune in and find out!


This clip is for those who love super heroines in peril and fans of the 1960’s Batman TV series. The video features free moving camera work with multiple fight scenes as well as plenty of bondage and struggling, as more than once the overconfident heroines gain the upper hand only to have the tables turned and find themselves in one peril or deathtrap after another. Other fetish elements include suspension, rope bondage, leg irons, chains, on-screen tying, panty hose, bare legs, high-heeled boots, super heroines rendered unconscious then carried off.



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