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hhhhHP-799 Surprise!! Wonder Womyn




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TITLE: Surprise!! Wonder Womyn Complete COST: $13 12:49 MINUTES




Description of HP-799:

Wonder Womyn comes home tired after a hard day of fighting crime.  She is trying to enjoy a nice lollipop, but is too tired, so she decides to take a nap.  But just as she is ready to rest, she is HOM from behind! The belly punching beat down is on!  Wonder Womyn realizes she doesn't have her belt and the villain takes full advantage of her in her weakened state.  Poor Wonder Womyn is beaten down yet again.  Wonder Womyn's mid section takes an absolute beating in this video!  She also has her body stretched out only to have her poor stomach beaten again.  For belly punching fans and fans of a one sided beat down, this video is for you!




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