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hhhhHP-798 Fan Appreciation Day




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TITLE: Fan Appreciation Day Part 1 COST: 7 TOKENS ~7 MINUTES

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TITLE: Fan Appreciation Day Part 2 COST: 7 TOKENS ~7 MINUTES

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TITLE: Fan Appreciation Day Complete COST: 14 TOKENS 14:09 MINUTES

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Description of HP-798:

Hollywood enters the frame wear a sexy short jean skirt and gray tank top.  As she is putting on her heels, she starts addressing the camera and saying that she knows that the fans have pooled there money to have her beat up but that it's "never going to happen again."  She then starts wondering where her date is and starts looking for her phone.  Before she knows what hit her, her "date" attacks from behind and knocks her out cold! He strips her down to her black and white bikini top and black bikini bottom, while telling her that he is the one who the fans hired to beat her up! The beat down is on!!!  There is tons of belly punching, knockouts, leg scissors, choking, double axe handles to Hollywood's tight abs, belly stomps, a figure four leg lock, a camel clutch and much, much more. Hollywood is a complete rag doll in this video.  So did the fans like what they saw, or will poor Hollywood get another beat down in the future??




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