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hhhhHP-795 Super Gryl Gets "Rocked!"




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TITLE: Super Gryl Gets "Rocked!" Part 1 COST:12 TOKENS ~12 MINUTES

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TITLE: Super Gryl Gets "Rocked!" Part 2 COST:12 TOKENS ~12 MINUTES

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TITLE: Super Gryl Gets "Rocked!" Complete COST: 24 TOKENS 23:46 MINUTES

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Description of HP-795:

"Super Gyrl is on her way to a charity wrestling match practice session or so she thinks!  What she does not know is the Evil Lena Luthor, (Jennifer Thomas) sister of Lex Luthor is her supposed opponent has set a little trap for the Maiden of Might!"  Those words begin this HOT superheroine video.  The video begins with Lena hiding kryptonite rocks under the ring.  Super Gyrl arrives and removes her boots.  The ladies start out with Super Gyrl showing Lena some moves.  Super Gyrl gives Lena an upper cut that knocks her out of the ring and she retrieves the kryptonite!  Super Gyrl begins to feel very  strange.  And the beat down is on!  Super Gyrl endures hard belly punching, slams into the turnbuckles, stretching holds, gut stomps, and multiple knockouts.  Does she survive to fight another day?  Get this HOT video and find out!!




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