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hhhhHP-774 Super Gyrl vs LiveWire




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TITLE: Super Gyrl vs LiveWire Part 1 COST: $9 ~8 MINUTES

TITLE: Super Gyrl vs LiveWire Part 2 COST: $9 ~8 MINUTES

TITLE: Super Gyrl vs LiveWire Complete COST: $16 ~15:47 MINUTES




Description of HP-774:

Super Gyrl  (played by Hollywood ) has been lured to the lair of Livewire.  Little does she know that Livewire (Layla parker SWB) has lured her there as a trap!  Livewire is dressed in her skin tight black catsuit and Super Gyrl looks HOT in her  SuperGryl outfit complete with nylons and boots.  Livewire begins by shocking our Super Heroine with her powers.  Soon an all out catfight begins.  Livewires uses scissors, chokes, belly punching, Ko's and many other holds to subdue our heroine.  During the course of the battle Super Gyrl struggles and is shocked over and over again by Livewire's powers.  Will Super Gyrl survive to fight another day or will Livewire electrocute her for good?  Get this HOT video to find out!!!


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