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hhhhHP-773 Wonder Womyn in "Good Day Gone Bad"



TITLE: "Good Day Gone Bad" Complete Video COST: $13 ~ 12 MIN




Description of HP-773:

After a long hard day Wonder Womyn is going to relax for the evening. She is incredibly tired and is going to take a nap.
Unbeknownst to her, a perpetrator has snuck in and grabbed a weapon to assault her, and he hits poor Wonder Womyn over the head... hard!!
From that point on he is asking our struggling superheroine Wonder Womyn where a certain valuable computer chip is, but she is pretty out and dazed from the hit on her head. The perp has two goals to attain: One is to gain the intel as to the whereabouts of the computer chip. The other is to work over Wonder Womyn's gorgeous body!!!
There are sleeper holds, punches to the stomach, punches to the face, head slams, bear hugs, and elbows into Wonder Womyn's taunt abs. Poor Wonder Womyn is completely destroyed by this evil foe! If you're into one sided beatdowns than this Hot video is for you!!!



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