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TITLE: Supergryl vs Razor Part 1 COST: $7 ~ 7 MINUTES

TITLE: Supergryl vs Razor Part 2 COST: $6 ~ 6 MINUTES

TITLE: Supergryl vs Razor Complete Video COST: $13 ~ 13 MINUTES

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Description of HP-766:

Supergryl was left in a secure location where she has been deprived of sunlight and kept sedated...
Supergryl is out and tied up when razor walks in he wakes up Supergirl , he is on his cell phone saying "Yep she is coming to now! "
Razor puts the phone down and heads over to a table and picks up some pills and he says "Test 4, superstrength formula!"
He then removes the handcuffs and ropes from the very groggy super heroine. He asks if she is OK she stands up to try and clear her head
Razor asks "are you feeling better ?" good " and he starts the attack!!
SG is caught off guard and takes punishment for a little bit, then fights back the fight evens out, they both are trading blows until Razor throws a big blow and SG staggers but cannot answer. Before she can fight back he finishers her off with a punchout KO! Razor goes back to the table takes two more pills and says "Test 5 strength pills".
Razor wakes her. Not so gently... this time our girl is groggy from the start and Razor completely dominates her! Lots of punches, kicks , stomps and chokes are administered to our poor superheroine!
After completely dominating Super-girl and KO ing her again ,Razor is happy with himself and retires her feet and handcuffs her hands behind her back, with a big smile on his face he decides a gag would look better too.
Now he is satisfied,  he then makes a phone call to Lex and says "Total success" and walks out...
If you are into total one side BeatDowns then this clip is for you !!



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