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hhhhHP-765 The Misadventures of Robyn "The Arrest"



TITLE: The Misadventures of Robyn "The Arrest" Part 1 COST: $7 ~ 7 MINUTES

TITLE: The Misadventures of Robyn "The Arrest" Part 2 COST: $6 ~ 6 MINUTES

TITLE: The Misadventures of Robyn "The Arrest"Complete Video COST: $13 ~13 MINUTES




Description of HP-765:

In this video, Robyn (Hollywood dressed in tight green shorts, red bikini top, green arm sleeves and red boots) is attempting to show the world she can take care of herself and doesn't need Batman's help. Robyn enters the room with a rope and tells the villain (Razor dressed in black) she is there to take him in. The villain laughs and asks Robyn, "Where is Batman?". This infuriates Robyn and she attacks the villain with a vengeance. She uses body punches, leg scissors, knees to the head and body, choke holds and finally brings him to the ground with a right cross to the jaw. But when she tries to tie him up, he shoves her away. When she tries to punch him, he blocks her and delivers a body punch to Robyn's gorgeous unprotected stomach. This time the villain has the upper hand. He uses body punches, sleeper holds, choke holds, etc. to punish poor Robyn. He stuns her several times with punches to Robyn's jaw. Can Robyn fight back and complete the arrest? Or is she in over her head? Either way, this is a terrific video. Hollywood never looked better dishing out a beating, then taking a beating. The shots of the villain holding Hollywood up against the wall, stretching out her already tight abs and punching them over and over again, is not to be missed. Hollywood being held in a full nelson is also a sight to see!!!


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