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hhhhHP-755 The Bungled Adventures of Miss Marvelous



TITLE: The Bungled Adventures of Miss Marvelous Complete Video COST: $16 ~ 16 MINUTES




Description of HP-755:

Hello Superheroine fans! Please allow Hollywould Productions to introduce you to our latest superheroine, Miss Marvelous!  Mild mannered Caitlyn Tarver (played by Hollywood) has longed for adventure since retiring from her life as a super model.  After taking several kickboxing classes, she feels that she is ready to fight crime as Miss Marvelous, or so she thinks.

One night after receiving a news bulletin that a  #1 FBI Wanted fugitive "Dr. Vile" has escaped from prison and is terrorizing the city, Caitlyn decides she has finally gotten her chance to make a difference; she changes into her crime fighting outfit and heads off to take on Dr. Vile. Unfortunately for Miss Marvelous, her kick boxing classes are not enough as Dr. Vile pummels her after she enters his lair.  Our Superheroine endures several beat downs and knockouts, she loses her costume to reveal a smoking hot bikini, and even has her identity revealed.  Does our lovely MM prevail or is she just an inept superheroine wanna be?  Buy this awesome video and find out!!


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