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hhhhHP-751 Kristie Dominates Hollywood



TITLE: Kristie Dominates Hollywood Complete Video COST: $15 ~ 15 MINUTES




Description of HP-751:

In another domination only match Hollywood is  dressed in her bikini, looking forward to training a new girl! Surprise !! Guess who comes in ? Kristi E looking to get revenge on Hollywood! She is looking to pay her back for the last match they had against each other. The evil Kristie starts in with chokes to Hollys neck followed up by a bear hug. Kristie wants Hollywood to listen up now. She uppercuts Hollywood to the jaw and delivers a big KO! Holly is down for the count and is not moving! She starts in on Hollys abs and ribs with her billy club followed up by stomach claws . Then starts in on Hollywood's elbow. She turns Holly over and starts in on beating Hollywood's feet with her club! Then starts in on twisting Holly's toes! Next she starts beating on Hollys kneecaps! Punches to the rear end. Hollywoods body is as limp as a noodle . All we can hear is the few moans and groans she is able to get out. If you are in to one side beat downs this entertaining beat down video is for you!


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