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hhhhHP-750 The Trap X



TITLE: The Trap X Complete COST: $15 ~ 15 MINUTES




Description of HP-750:

The video starts with Hollywood stretching, looking hot in a tiny black bikini which really shows off her bronze tan. After a short time, Kristie shows up topless in a tiny red bikini bottom. Kristie claims that was the outfit Hollywood requested in an Email. At first Hollywood denies it. But Hollywood grabs Kristie and throws her into a corner and starts the "Revenge" beat down of Kristie. Hollywood is really fired up and uses all her knowledge of wrestling holds to put a hurting on her unsuspecting  victim. Hollywood uses body punches, stomach stomps, a school girl press, places her foot on Kristie's throat, a camel clutch, and finally KO's her with a sleeper hold. But Hollywood is not finished and continues to beat on Kristie's limp body. At this point Hollywood brings out a night stick and tortures Kristie with it. She finally admits she sent the Email requesting Kristie wear the pink bottom. She states she changed from being the "Golden Avenger" to the "Black Darkness" to get her "revenge". She continues to beat the helpless Kristie on the soles of her feet, knees and all over her body with the night stick.  Hollywood looks FANTASTIC in the black bikini and NOBODY looks better delivering a beat down. Finally, the "Golden Avenger" gets even.


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