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HP-735 Handle With Care (Not!)




TITLE: Handle With Care (Not!) Complete Video COST: $15 ~ 13 MINUTES





Description of HP-735:

Defeated by her nefarious nemesis, Lex Luthor, Supergyrl (Hollywood) has been secreted to an underground bunker and solitary confinement. Completely deprived of the energizing rays of the sun, the Maiden of Might's vaunted powers are utterly diminished – making her the perfect play-thing for the criminal mastermind's cruel cousin, Lexi (Veronika)! Trussed-up and hand-delivered to the vicious vixen's secret 'Ring of Despair', there's no escaping for the feeble femme, who can barely muster a fight as she's relentlessly beaten, battered,and ragdolled by the sadistic sirenHowever, as the brutal barrage escalates, the egotistical evildoer may have underestimated the sheer willpower and perseverance of her powerless prisoner! Fortunately, the vile villainess has something up her proverbial sleeve to keep the tides in her favor – Kryptonite! Can Supergyrl long endure and battle past the torturous assaults of her tormentor, or will the final curtain fall on our heroine? Fight on, Supergyrl, fight on!


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