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HP-733 The Luckless Sheriff




TITLE: The Luckless Sheriff Complete Video COST: $30 ~ 30 MINUTES




Description of HP-733:

Hollywood plays a Sheriff trying to serve a warrant for Kristie Etzold’s arrest. Hollywood looks super hot in a white bikini top, skin tight blue jeans and black boots (and gun belt of course) and is a lot tougher then she looks. Kristie plays the bad girl in an all-black outfit (T-shirt and jeans). Hollywood enters the front door with her gun drawn searching for Kristie. Kristie agrees to go peacefully but wants to leave a note for her son. But when Hollywood gets pushy, Kristie jabs her with an elbow, knocking her gun away, and the fight begins. Hollywood is no match for the larger Kristie and really takes a beating, finally getting knocked out over the arm of a sofa. Kristie then decides to have fun with Hollywood. She offers the weary Sheriff a drink of water (tainted of course). The weakened Hollywood is again quickly KO’d and carried into the bedroom. Kristie places Hollywood's gun on the coffee table and takes a break on the sofa. Hollywood wakes up and staggers in to the living room, reaching for the gun. Kristie places the groggy Hollywood in a long sleeper hold that leaves her out on the coffee table. Now Kristie grabs a chair and watches the unconscious Sheriff to see what Hollywood will do next. Hollywood wakes up and surprises Kristie in a sleeper hold. But the weakened Hollywood can't keep the hold on and Kristie slams Hollywood against the wall. After a few body punches Hollywood slides down the wall, almost out of it. Next Kristie lies on the floor, daring Hollywood to attack her. Hollywood dutifully obliges, but Kristie reaches up and chokes her out. Now Kristie is done with this game and holds a tainted rag to Hollywood's gorgeous face. Kristie then leaves Hollywood out cold on the floor. Is this the end of our beautiful Sheriff? Does she finally give up? Can she overcome the odds and complete her mission?  Kristie is great at throwing body punches and Hollywood's tight abs never looked better receiving them.


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