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HP-716 Worked Over & Out!




TITLE: Worked Over & Out! Complete COST: $15 ~ 10 MINUTES




Description of HP-716:

Hollywood has been hired to do a little instructional wrestling with a friend. She shows up in a revealing red string bikini and starts to warm up when she hears someone stirring about... Much to Hollywood's surprise, it isn't her friend, it is the diabolical Nemesis returning for another brutal beatdown! Poor Hollywood gets ko'ed from behind, then she awakens only to be punished by her twisted stalker. Hollywood struggles in vain as the Nemesis relentlessly pummels her gorgeous body as she pleads to deaf ears! Our sexy fav gets a severe belly beating from the psycho headcase, and he repeatedly handsmothers our unfortunate lass as she moans, groans, and gasps to his maniacal agenda. Hollywood's gorgeous body is worked over by fists, knees, and clubs! No quarter is given, and Hollywood is ultimately ko'ed with a vicious sleeperhold. Then, the Nemesis lifts her and carries her into the other room, where he plans on continuing his absolute dominance of his helpless victim! (But that's another video!!!)


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